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My secret card game shame

Sometimes, the stuff we buy is totally aspirational:  we buy it more for the people we wish to be, or to become, than for who we actually are.  Card games are like that for me, and I figure at least it’s not as bad as fashions (for some women) or shoes (for some women) or… well, almost any other indulgence. Ever a sucker for fun new card games, I bought the game Sleeping Queens today while we were in Nahariya (note:  links point to the English Gamewright version; the Hebrew one is licensed by FoxMind), for ₪40-something instead of the ₪60-something in the big chain bookstores.  This is more than it costs online and in stores outside of Israel, but in this case, I really like the fact that the cards and characters are all marked in Hebrew.  We played this once already, as soon as we got it home.  Naomi said she didn’t want to play, that she had played it at school already.  I asked if she’d understood the rules, because a lot of what goes on at school goes over her head, and she k