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A Wedding in the Family: Dvar Torah for Shabbos Sheva Brachos / Vayechi 5778

I want to tell you about a little girl I knew once. A baby, really, and whenever she would sit and eat in her high chair, whatever it was – rice cakes, Cheerios, cookies, whatever – she would insist … Read more

Why it’s never a good idea to write a children’s book out of spite

I found out 2 days ago that an author out there is making a name for herself by writing and self-publishing a book called “P is for Palestine.”  Cute book, right? So sweet and happy and intifada-frie… Read more

When am I no longer faking it?

I just caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection, in a car window, on my way to the train station.“Wow,” I thought.  “That sure does look like the real deal.”What do I mean by the real deal?Well, yo… Read more

Ten new airplane travel gadgets for 2017, because you deserve to fly in comfort!

Are you a frequent flier?  If you’re like me, you probably said you aren’t.But don’t you deserve to be comfy anyway???I’ve never thought of myself as a frequent flier.  Given that I’ve travelled exac… Read more

Sharing timeless Jewish messages through… silly animal stories???

Are your kids bored with typical Jewish children’s books??I know mine were!That’s actually one of the main reasons I started writing books for Jewish kids.  I was sick of stories that simply repeat t… Read more

What’s up with all the BOOTHS?

(from the archives, a very basic introductory article about Sukkos that I hope you’ll enjoy and/or pass on to anyone else who might…)If you live near a Jewish neighbourhood, drive through it one of t… Read more

The book cover so evil I have been fuming for a year

What do you think – am I overthinking this?Before I tell you what this post is about, let me first say that I believe “over” thinking isn’t always a bad thing.  Given how many people in the world und… Read more

Crochet, hope, despair, and love – a tangled yarn

"With colour A, chain 166."There's so much despair in those words; so much hope.In case you’ve never crocheted, I’ll fill you in:  almost every blanket pattern starts the same way – by … Read more

Great things come in… twos! Two new books to greet 5778 from the world’s 41,526th best-loved author

I confess, it’s been a rocky time, writing-wise.  Not that I’m not writing!  Actually, I’m writing more than ever, probably more than most writers do in a lifetime.  The problem is that most of it is… Read more

Should you buy tichels and other religious headcoverings online from AliExpress?

Who knew?  Did you know??  Decent, cheap head coverings are now a reality thanks to Chinese mega-marketplace AliExpress – and a few weeks ago, I decided to get in on the action.  As an ultra-scientif… Read more

Extra fridge magnets? Turn them into free magnetic shopping lists!

Do you have a few extra fridge magnets lying around the house?  Here's a fun way to upcycle them!One of the fun things about living in Israel is having a magnetic front door.  Most front doors ar… Read more

On Discernment and Doormats – a summer dvar Torah for Parshas Matos-Masei

Every year we’re in Toronto, and for years before we made aliyah, my mother hosts a shalosh seudos for the ladies of our shul.  For some reason, my mother’s shalosh seudos always manages to fall out … Read more

Time for a Simcha! Short Happy Vort for a Balak Engagement

Our older daughter is engaged!!!  We are so utterly overjoyed.  If you are among the many, MANY people we care about who weren't able to make it to the vort tonight (given that it was held in Tor… Read more

Am I back to blogging? Where have I been? What have I been up to? A short friendly post about nothing at all, really.

I’ve been posting more lately, here and at my other blogs.  But the short answer about whether I’m really back is… not officially.We’re standing right on the cusp of the 2-year anniversary of when I … Read more

Why I teach my kids about modesty (and maybe you should, too)

What are your standards of modesty when it comes to clothing? Do your kids know what these are?As a religious Jew, I dress in a certain way. To sum it up briefly: I wear long sleeves, long skirts, an… Read more

Clues to the Infinite: A dvar Torah for the 3rd Yahrzeit of my brother Eli

It has been three years.  What is there left to speak about for the yahrzeit of a person like my brother Eli? There is the fact that almost all of us know somebody with a mental illness; that Judaism… Read more

What do we tell our kids about Chabad and “Yechi”?

If I start by saying I really like Chabad, and adore the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, z"l, well... maybe you already know where I'm headed.Naomi Rivka has been asking lately what I think about Ch… Read more

Stepping out of the Misgeret

For Israeli parents, one word seems like the absolute number-one most important to remember – yes, even before Bamba and Shoko beSakit (chocolate milk in a bag, a staple of childhood here):  Misgeret… Read more

A Jewish Princess Story – for Shavuos

Jewish princesses may be the stuff of legend, but it’s not always the GOOD kind of legend.If you’re a Jewish parent, especially if you have girls, you know about the constant search for great stories… Read more

There’s no place like…

As I sit here, late at night, the Ministry of Education is debating when Lag Baomer will be.  Bet you thought they’d figured that out years ago, but nope.  First, they pushed it off to the following … Read more

Teach kids Hebrew with the hottest viral song from Israel (Don’t worry, it’s totally appropriate!)

The biggest musical sensation here in Israel this winter / spring is a small and strange song called “Geshem, Geshem,” written by Jihan Jaber, an Israeli Arab Hebrew teacher who wanted to give her st… Read more

Dr. David Dao and United Airlines: what the REAL story is actually about

Dr. David Dao and United Airlines: Why is nobody talking about what the story is REALLY about?Yes, that David Dao.Maybe by the time this posts, the hysteria will be over.  But I am hoping there’s sti… Read more

Filling her shoes: Standing strong when we’re not free

Today, the last day of Pesach, we read about kriyas yam suf, which mostly comes from Parshas Beshalach. In this parsha, bnei Yisrael are running away from the Mitzrim. (Hashem could have brought them… Read more

Anti-vaccination forces in the Torah world – “weighing the science” or stumbling block?

What does halacha say about vaccination?  Do people who oppose vaccination have a right (halachically) to share their views?This thing keeps rearing its head.  The other day, a Facebook friend insist… Read more

A Phone Call from the Matzah Man

Another one from the archives…It’s done! Once again, this year, I've been putting it off and putting it off, and now, at last, it's done. It's a week before Purim, and the shemurah matzos… Read more

The Year Yom Kippur began on Purim

That Purim was bitterly cold. I was newly divorced with two babies, scared and lonely and tired. I probably wasn't thinking straight, but all I knew was I couldn't afford a babysitter for the… Read more

The Big Bat (very short and somewhat bilingual divrei Torah)

So the Rony Pony baby is… um, not exactly a baby anymore?When did that happen?  We just woke up one day and – well – you know.  All the cliche stuff.  It’s all true.I started this blog, of course, to… Read more

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